Sunset & Dolphon Cruise Questions and Answers!

Our rare, world-class 40 ft. by 28 ft. Condor trimaran – Dare II — has three hulls instead of one, and she is much wider (28 ft. versus 10 ft.). The result is an incredibly smooth, safe, stable ride (think a Rolls Royce compared to a dune buggy) without the danger of keeling over. Plus the Condors were built to the highest standards to excel in ocean races and “around the world” races. Ordinary sailboats lean, rock and roll. Condors don’t. Sailing on Dare II is so relaxing it’s like sitting beside a pool, but the water is moving.

Condors are rare: only 21 Condor 40 world-class racing trimarans were ever built. These high-tech boats were designed for the challenging “around the world races.” When people first see Dare II, first they freeze, stare, and then whip out cameras! She’s that amazingly cool in person. And only in Pensacola can you sail on a rare, exotic Condor.

Plus — unlike ordinary sailboats, Dare II does not rock and roll. She sails flat and stable, so your body completely relaxes. Our guests say it’s one of the most relaxing things they’ve ever done – better than a massage even!

Dare II is a huge, stable trimaran – 40 ft. x 28 ft. wide. She is much wider than an ordinary sailboat. Width = stability. Plus, Dare’s two extra hulls act like giant training wheels, keeping her smooth and stable. We’ve never had anyone get seasick, and that includes lots of people who get seasick standing on a dock, women who are pregnant, etc. For people who’ve longed to be on the water, but are afraid of getting seasick, come sailing with us!

On your scenic sail around beautiful, peaceful Santa Rose Sound/Pensacola Bay, you’ll cruise protected waters, viewing the National Seashore, looking for wildlife, and learning about the area's rich history. Depending on the wind, you may also sail by the Navy base. And hopefully dolphins!

We include sodas, bottled water, Capri-Sun-type drinks, ice, and munchie snacks. And, feel free to bring your favorite alcoholic beverages! Coolers are fine as well, or use ours.

We also happily provide ice, cups, wine and champagne glasses. Of course, you are welcome to bring any food you’d like. Sunscreen, hat, towel, are good ideas. And definitely bring a camera.

Plentiful and free.

Although limited parking at the marina, feel free to drop everyone off, and then park. Also, there is a large overflow lot next door, on the other side of the Aloha Liqueur store. And across the street. The marina is a Beach Trolley stop.

On ordinary sailboats, kids can’t move around much because the boat is leaning unpredictably, and there’s not much room to safely move. This quickly leads to grumpy kids. But on Dare II, 40 ft. long and 28 ft. wide, there’s plenty of room for kids to safely explore, dangle feet in the water, watch for marine life, and even drive the boat! We’ve had kids, including teenagers, say they had more fun on Dare II than at the waterpark. Kids have a blast. Parents relax!

10 months. We’ve had several 10 month olds on board. And lots of 2-year-olds and on up. Our oldest kid, so far, is a delightful 94 year-old grandmother who laughed and smiled the entire cruise

Hopefully, but no guarantees. There are several pods of dolphins who live in the bay, and we see them on most cruises. We all love dolphins, and we do our best to spot them during the cruise. The good thing is we see other marine life: pelicans, rays, various schools of fish, osprey, seagulls, turtles, etc.

Casually and comfortably, like you’re on vacation. People usually wear shorts or pants. Bathing suits are fine because on Dare II – if you want, it’s easy to sit dangle your feet in the water and cool off. But, if you’re having dinner afterwards, feel free to dress classy, or bring a change of clothes.

Yes, we have life jackets for kids and adults.

Because — unlike ordinary sailboats – Dare II doesn’t lean when you step onto her. Also, your first step is an easy, level step onto Dare II. Your second step puts you on one of the large side-decks. At that point, you may plop down in a comfy “lazy boy” seat, or walk to the other side and sit there. Dare II is perfect for seniors with hip or knee issues who are nervous about safely getting on a sailboat.

Under sail, the average speed is approximately 9-14 miles per hour (mph). Where ordinary sailboats rock and roll through the water, Dare II skims over the surface, providing a super-smooth, stable ride. For the record, when Dare II is out racing, her top speed is around 33 mph. By comparison, an ordinary sailboat’s average speed is 4 mph with a top speed is around 6-7 mph.

We are super-cautious on the weather, because we want you to have a fun, relaxing “experience of a lifetime”, and tell 20 other people you did. If the weather is looking ugly, we cancel the cruise, and do our best to re-schedule you ASAP. If we are unable to re-schedule you, we do not charge you.

We understand that plans change. Cancellations received at least 24 hours before your cruise departs, will cheerfully receive a full refund. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the cruise, will not be refunded -- unless we are able to rebook your spots. Cruises that are cancelled due to weather - or conditions per the Captain's discretion - will be rescheduled or fully refunded. Any guests arriving after Departure time, will not be refunded.

Yes, we have a clean, private bathroom — which also is stocked with feminine products.

Dare II is easily accessible to those with walkers and canes. Though we are often able to accommodate people who are normally in wheelchairs, Dare II is not wheelchair accessible. Also, the bathroom is not wheelchair accessible. With that said, we truly believe everyone should be able to enjoy sailing with us, and we have had several guests — who are normally in wheelchairs — sail with us. Please contact us, and we’ll do our best.

Yes, proudly so. Dare II’s stable, smooth ride — and her huge size, make for a safe, fun sailing experience for everyone. We also happily host cruises for our local Special Olympics sailors.

Yes. We have full-color, 8×11” personalized gift certificates. These are great for birthdays, Christmas, and also a reward for your hard-working employees.

We accept cash, debit, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.